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We provide services integral to maritime functioning. Specialize in handling the daily compliances of the management, along with prolific experience in the technical day-to-day affairs. By employing our services, the wastage of time and experience of the key ranks is avoided, as we perform the requisite day-to-day tasks that could be tedious and consume excessive resources of the organisation. With Coral Marine, these processes are now time and cost efficient, allowing you to have an extension of your office, where all of the repetitive and tedious work is executed to perfection, keeping in mind how it forms the foundation of good management. We have been patronized by companies, big and small, and take pride in the extent and nature of our service.

Our Consultation services

Demurrage Analyst
  • We provide services in assessing and analyzing the demurrage claims from ships owners and third-parties.
  • We do the Demurrage and Lay time calculation of chartered wet cargo movements, counter and negotiate with ship owners or third parties for the irregularities in the claims. 
  • We generate invoices for third parties in line with charter party and commercial contract terms.
Cargo Expeditors (Oil/Chemical)
  • Cargo loading and discharge is the most important and commercially sensitive operation conducted in the marine industry. Cargo losses and spills not only result in commercial losses but also affect the company’s reputation, often giving it a bad name.
  • We monitor, guide, and train the cargo operators on board which enhances safety, purity and efficiency of the operation. The audit processes used by our experts help in identifying incorrect practices being followed.
Third Party Navigation Audit

Third party navigation audit is conducted while the vessel is enroute and covering as many aspects of navigation like pilotage, strait/river transit, berthing, unberthing, anchoring etc.  Bridge team co-ordination is closely observed for any potential issues and regulatory compliance during open sea and restricted water navigation. Thorough assessment is done for operational status of bridge equipment, staff awareness/competence, their familiarity with bridge equipment, records, log keeping etc. Special attention provided for the ECDIS compliance, its update status, staff familiarity, use during navigation etc. Findings of the audit are discussed with all bridge team members and corrective actions demonstrated/explained. Training is provided for every aspect where non-compliance or weakness is noticed. Dedicated training sessions for ECDIS are included in such ship visits.

Pre-vetting Inspection

Pre-vetting is an essential tool for minimizing or eliminating observations during Sire vetting thus maintaining a low observation score in the SIRE database. Each of our pre-vetting inspectors has an in-depth understanding of the vessel type. They look at the broader perspective of training the shipboard staff to eliminate observations arising out of human negligence or error. We strongly believe in working in sync with the quality systems on board and do not see ourselves as a third-party inspector who is onboard only to show the flaws in the system. Our effort is to eradicate common and high-risk observations by interacting with the ship staff and helping the owners / managers to develop a good shipboard-team for future at the same time make the staff aware of the recent vetting trends and observations.

Loss Control – Quality, Quantity and Demurrage
  • We understand the importance of providing accurate, reliable voyage analysis and cargo calculations. It is becoming increasingly important to monitor accurately any variation in the quantity of petroleum products as they move through the supply chain. Good loss management techniques must be used to assist in the prevention and resolution of cargo quantity claims.
  • Often after a cargo loss has occurred, it is exceedingly difficult to find the evidence necessary to prove or defend a claim. Physical losses can be summarized as events due to ROB quantities, leakage or passing of cargo through vessel or terminal valves or theft. Losses also occur by poor or erroneous procedures in measurement (quantity and temperature), inaccurate sampling procedures, sample handling and analysis as well as poorly written contractual clauses. Our process involves a robust and thorough review of the sequence of measurements. The analysis enables to investigate the origin of any differences in volume or weight between the quantity shown on the Bill of Lading and the quantity reflected on the Outturn Certificate. This information is used to invoice, improve loss control, to lodge claims where necessary and generally to improve the efficiency and accountability within the logistics chain.
  • Our presence, proactive approach and expertise enables us to investigate, react and respond on a real time basis. We will offer viable solutions to prevent, minimize or eradicate both real and apparent losses.

Technical Services

Ship’s machinery, component and spares database optimisation


The building up of machinery, component and spares database accurately and efficiently in the computer-based systems is our area of specialization. We have experience in building vessel’s database, to include Equipment and Machinery details, components, spares including uploading of exact drawings with the spares. Irregularities in this database are common, and often inconsistent with the information fed into the computerized system. The impact of such irregularities is vast and negative on various functions like requisition, inventory, PMS, defects, etc. We work towards aligning this database through ship manuals, drawings, co-ordination with vessels, company and even manufacturers as and when necessary.

Ship’s Planned Maintenance System Optimization


  • We assess vessel equipment and machinery, as per manufacturer manuals and generate/collate work orders to make a more meaningful PMS.
  • We attend to each and every job description and make it: 
  1. company specific
  2. concise
  3. inclusive of all the limitation parameters, factors, etc.
  4. including all safety aspects
  5. in accordance with conventions, circulars, etc.
  • Develop maintenance forms as per company & OEM requirements for major maintenance procedures. 
  • Develop checklists of individual ranks so as to club routine and frequent work orders under one single work order.
  • We do PMS analysis on monthly and quarterly basis to present an overview of the status of compliance with the system, as per company requirements. The Analysis helps identify and list all the gaps/irregularities in the updating/execution of PMS and further helps rectification of the same.

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